Intervention Orders

Intervention Orders

When dealing with intervention orders, whether they arise out of domestic violence or in the context of personal safety, our competent legal specialists will offer you guidance and advice, ensuring that you are kept informed and achieve the most equitable resolution possible. Here at Nicholas James Lawyers our team are equipped with the legal expertise to assist with intervention orders.

What is an intervention order?

Personal Safety Orders, Restraining Orders, Apprehended Violence Orders, Family Violence Orders, and Domestic Violence Orders are court orders that restrict a person’s access to and interaction with another person or group of people.

When you are accused of attacking or threatening someone, especially in a domestic or neighbourhood environment, the police will nearly always seek an intervention order on behalf of the individual you are suspected of assaulting or threatening.

If a court determines that you have harmed or threatened someone and that there is a continuous threat to that person’s safety, an intervention order might be issued against you.

Defending an intervention order

When you are the subject of an intervention order application, it is critical to understand and carefully examine your choices, especially if there is a risk you could be charged with a violent crime as a result of the accusation that led to the intervention order application.
In order to protect and defend oneself strategically, you must examine the implications of an intervention order court hearing on a criminal investigation and/or criminal prosecution against you.

Whether you are facing an application for an intervention order, criminal charges, or both, here at Nicholas James Lawyers we are experienced in dealing with these matters and will assist you in defending yourself in a way that provides you the greatest chance to reach the best possible outcome.

It is critical to have an experienced lawyer answer questions you may have in order to ensure that if you are going to apply for an intervention order, you are doing so in a situation where you understand your chances of success and whether an intervention order will help you achieve your goals.

For experienced intervention order lawyers and litigators in Essendon, call Nicholas James Lawyers today.

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