Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Lawyers in Essendon & Sunbury

Developing strong intellectual property begins with a clear understanding of the business’ goals, what can be protected, and the choices available. At Nicholas James Lawyers our intellectual property lawyers will use their unique knowledge in your market sector to give situational clarity and insight into the best pathways forward by asking the correct questions and ensuring we give the best professional legal advice.

Intellectual property law is complex and if not dealt with correctly can lead to expensive settlements, lawyer fees and lengthy trials. It is critical to speak with and establish an intellectual property strategy for your organisation and ideas to safeguard your private information and brand.

Here at Nicholas James Lawyers our team of experienced intellectual property lawyers assist our clients with navigating the complexities, transactions and disputes involving intellectual property, brand protection and commercially valuable information.

Nicholas James intellectual property lawyers assist our clients with all elements of intellectual property law, including:

  • Intellectual property advice and protection
  • IP transactions and IP disputes
  • Brand protection
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyright
  • Business structuring
  • Joint ventures
  • Licencing
  • Development agreements

Our intellectual property lawyers are highly experienced litigators and can assist clients to prosecute or defend their intellectual property rights. We also can help to bring and defend infringement claims.  Understanding the reputational risks associated with brand infringement actions, we work closely with our clients to achieve commercially favourable outcomes.

We offer clients commercial documentation, strategic advice, legal advice, and a lead part in negotiations in addition to directing teams of advisers.

Why Nicholas James Intellectual Property Lawyers?

We realise that a good, long-term partnership with a commercial law practice gives certainty and consistency to all organisations. As a result, we provide our corporate and commercial clients with pricing structures that are flexible and transparent and suited to their unique needs.


We devote time to our clients’ matters to have a deeper understanding of their situations and legal needs. This allows us to anticipate potential difficulties from the start, give timely and relevant advice, and collaborate with each of our clients to produce accurate and appropriate solutions delivering positive outcomes for your business. 


For experienced intellectual property lawyers and litigators in Essendon, call Nicholas James Lawyers today.  

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