Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Dispute resolution is a broad field of law that deals with a wide range of legal issues between people, corporations, governments, and administrative agencies. Each disagreement will have its own set of unique factors, so whether you are bringing a claim or defending one, it’s critical to get independent legal counsel.

Breach of contract lawsuits, business-to-business conflicts, professional negligence, shareholder difficulties, defamation allegations, forced acquisition of land, franchising disputes, debt collection, and other disputes may emerge in your personal and professional life and could require you to seek professional advice.

At Nicholas James Lawyers, our dispute resolution lawyers know that when dealing with a conflict, your initial focus will most likely be to find a realistic solution to the situation at hand. Our experienced dispute resolution lawyers can assist you in developing an effective plan for managing all the moving elements of your legal case, as well as offer you with ongoing assistance.

Our dispute resolution Lawyers are primarily concerned with swiftly and efficiently resolving our clients concerns. We take the time to study and analyse the issues, give sound legal and practical advice, and collaborate with you to determine the best plan for achieving the best possible result.

Our dispute resolution lawyers actively work to avoid disputes and whilst they cannot always be avoided our aim is to guide our clients through the legal process as effectively and efficiently as possible meanwhile minimising costs and business disruption.

While our objective is to attain the best possible outcome, our dispute resolution lawyers also have a responsibility to keep our customers informed and advised, which we do by communicating with them on a regular basis and always remaining accessible to them.

Why Nicholas James Dispute Resolution Lawyers

As an integrated law firm, we provide a broad spectrum of quality legal services delivered with a cost effective, personalised approach. 


We recognise that no two instances are identical. Commercial litigation is a broad area that encompasses a wide range of claims. When it comes to protecting or defending a person’s legal rights, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. Our dispute resolution lawyers are dedicated to helping you get the best possible results by investigating all of the alternative outcomes and chances of success connected with your case.


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