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Debt Recovery Lawyers

At Nicholas James Lawyers we realise that tracking down debt and unpaid bills can be an unpleasant experience that can affect your cash flow and profitability. Competent legal counsel delivers a clear message to debtors, saving you time and money in the process of recovering money you are owed. Whether you are a business with unpaid customers or an individual trying to get out of debt, we can help.

You or your clients may have utilised debt collection companies in the past and found them impersonal and inefficient, or you may have hired law firms in the past and found them costly.

Our recovery service is quick and cost-efficient. Our Essendon debt recovery lawyers employ a unique and planned technique to swiftly recover your money while maintaining your client connections and reputation. Our debt recovery lawyers take a proactive approach to their work and ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

We approach things in a unique way. We take a proactive approach to the quick and successful recovery of our customers’ significant or high-volume debts by evaluating the expenses of pursuing a debt against a realistic assessment of its complete recovery.

Our debt recovery lawyers can assist with all facets of debt recovery from Complaints, Notices of Defence, warrants for seizure of goods to repay the debt, Examination Summons (requiring the debtor to attend Court to display how they will satisfy the Judgement), and Garnishee Orders (whereby the Court can order a third party to pay money to a creditor instead of a debtor).

We can also undertake litigation as we are also specialists in recovery litigation and other recovery strategies. We have recovered funds from a variety of business agreements and are familiar with the laws of negligence, nuisance, and contract, as well as statute law (Competition and Consumer Act, Goods Act, Fair Trading Act, Wrongs Act, etc.) and compliance with the Private Agents Act.

Why Nicholas James Lawyers?

As an integrated law firm, we provide a broad spectrum of quality legal services delivered with a cost effective, commercially minded approach. 

Our goal is to pay close attention to your commercial needs and then offer you with competent and practical guidance on a wide variety of contractual issues affecting your business. Our team of commercial lawyers’ depth of experience and variety of knowledge, along with our continuing dedication to deliver the best quality of service to our clients, ensures our clients will always receive accurate and appropriate solutions that deliver positive outcomes

For experienced debt recovery lawyers and litigators in Essendon, call Nicholas James Lawyers today.  

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