Conveyancing (Buying or Selling Property)

Conveyancing Transactions

At Nicholas James Lawyers, we know that buying and selling property can be overwhelming with so many legalities to adhere to. Our team of Property Lawyers in Essendon can assist you with understanding the complex legal jargon involved in property transactions and conveyancing.

Conveyancing is the area of the law that deals with the transfer of property from one person to another. Whether you are buying or selling, subdividing, or simply transferring ownership of a property, you need an expert Property Lawyer or Conveyancer to ensure that your best interests are protected.

When it comes to selling a home, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a successful transaction. Potential purchasers must be provided with Disclosure Statements as well as a Section 32 Statement. There will also need to be dealings with the lender, Council and Water Authorities, Titles Office, and State Revenue Office to coordinate settlement.

Purchasing and selling real estate may be a stressful experience. It needs skill and experience to navigate property rules and regulations to complete the transaction. Owner occupiers, investors, and companies rely on our Property Lawyers to help them satisfy their legal responsibilities and settle their real estate transactions on time without issue.

Our team will handle all the paperwork and can provide you with practical and easily understood advice to ensure that your property transaction is carried through promptly and as trouble free as possible.

At NJ Lawyers our expert Property Lawyers and Conveyancers have acted for some of Australia’s leading property companies and have extensive experience in all facets of property law including retail and commercial leasing, construction, and domestic building, planning and environment, and subdivision and development matters.

We pride ourselves on our personalised client-centric approach, which is why our Property Lawyers and Conveyancers work closely with our clients to ensure they are informed at every stage of the process. Before signing any contracts, we may give pre-contractual advice, clarify any legal terminology, and make sure you understand all your rights and responsibilities.

The process of purchasing or selling a property is not always easy. Legal difficulties may emerge, and what should have been a simple process may become anything but. In those circumstances, our Property Lawyers are able to step in and tackle the issue head on. If you just used a conveyancing practice, you may find yourself in a difficult scenario whereby advice and guidance from a Property Lawyer is not available to you.

Our Property Lawyers and Conveyancers have extensive knowledge in all elements of property law, which means they will be prepared for any unexpected issues and will be best equipped to provide any relevant legal advice as required.

Why Choose NJ Lawyers?

As an integrated law firm, we provide a broad spectrum of quality legal services delivered with a cost effective, and personalised approach. 

We devote time to our clients’ matters to have a deeper understanding of their situations and legal needs. This allows us to anticipate potential difficulties from the start, give timely and relevant advice, and collaborate with each of our clients to produce accurate and appropriate solutions delivering positive outcomes for both our commercial and residential clients. 

For experienced Property Lawyers and Conveyancers in Essendon, call NJ Lawyers today.

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