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Building and Lease Disputes

Commercial Lease Dispute Lawyer

Building and lease disputes may be stressful and financially costly for both landlords and tenants. In many forms of lease disputes, Nicholas James Lawyers have represented both landlords and tenants. We have extensive experience managing disputes and the complex litigation processes at various levels.
Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, it is not uncommon for a disagreement to develop throughout the course of a typical agreement. Our commercial lawyers understand it is critical to get to a reasonable solution swiftly, regardless of how big the issue may be.


Building disputes often arise as to the progress of both the work and payments. Legislation will often dictate how claims ae made, disputed and adjudicated. The timing of such claims means the builders and construction companies need urgent and specialised advice to ensure that claims are made and responded to according to the contract and legislation.


The completion of a build often sees further disputes, again, both as to payment and to defects. Owners and builders alike need someone in their corner with the requisite expertise and experience to ensure interests are protected and rights and obligation are upheld.


By quickly resolving a problem, the parties will be able to preserve their relationship and the tenant will be able to focus on continuing business without the headache of a dispute


Often, a lease dispute may be resolved effectively with minimal inconvenience and expense. Once the concerns have been correctly recognised, and legal advice has been obtained, a settlement can be reached.


Our building and lease dispute lawyers often appear before Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (“VCAT”), presenting parties who need the matter decided by an impartial arbitrator — in this case, VCAT – in more complex matters when the parties cannot or will not settle peacefully.


If you are a landlord or tenant, or find you are in a lease dispute, please contact our team for advice and guidance. Our building and lease disputes lawyers have extensive experience in:


  • Rent review and rent payment
  • Disclosure statements
  • Breach of lease
  • Adverse Possession claims
  • Building disputes
  • Caveat disputes
  • Assignments and transfers of lease
  • Subleases and licence agreements 
  • Emergency injunctions to avoid lockout


Why Choose Nicholas James Dispute Lawyers?

We realise that a good, long-term partnership with a commercial law practice gives certainty and consistency to all organisations. As a result, we provide our corporate and commercial clients with pricing structures that are flexible and transparent and suited to their unique needs.

We devote time to our clients’ matters to have a deeper understanding of their situations and legal needs. This allows us to anticipate potential difficulties from the onset, give timely and relevant advice, and collaborate with each of our clients to produce accurate and appropriate solutions delivering positive outcomes for your business. 

For experienced Building and Lease Dispute Lawyers in Essendon, call Nicholas James Lawyers today. 

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